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Vanha Kauppala event

Saturday, 31 august, we participated to the event ”Vanha Kauppala” that took place in Nurmes. From 10 ’till 15 we had the chance to visit some public places and people’s houses. It was a premiere event and we had the chance to interact with the locals in a different way.

People going to the first point where they could get the event map.
Every place that could be visited was marked by a flag, which made easier to find the places.
I found this yard full of people. They had the chance to buy some things or just to see the house.
Finnish people drink all day coffee, so it could not miss from the services offered by guests to the participants. Also, here I tasted one of the best cheese cake with blueberries.
People looking at the map for the next point.
This was a pop-up restaurant, where people transformed their house into a restaurant with italian menu. Unfortunately, we had not the chance to taste the food, because it was a really success and the food finished two hours earlier then the schedule.
A capture of birch box, wood house and a common habit to let the shoes at the entrance.
Every place was easy to get at by walking. It was one of the most lively view of Nurmes to see people around and to discover the sense of the community.
Every time when I was entering in a house, I was discovering a new and fascinating world. Every space tells a story about the owners and about their habits. Beside of the arhitecture, colors and antique objects, I discovered a new side of the finnish culture.

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Hello! We are volunteers at Hyvärilä Youth Centre, Nurmes, Finland sharing experiences and projects.

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