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Hyvärilä-Metsäkartano Volunteers Cooperation

by Olga Schesler and Elisa Lambot

Having a meeting of volunteers living comparable close to each other was way overdue. Because of many meetings and the need of a driver it took way longer to agree on a date to meet in March. But we have managed after all.

On Friday, 13th March at 10 am we made our way from Hyvärilä to Metsäkartano. The way led through Nurmes followed by a ride straight away most of the time. It took us crossing the region North Karelia to come to Northern Savonia. When coming closer to Metsäkartano in Rautavaara we paid attention to the huge amount of snow laying around. It seemed like a winter wonderland only 40 km away from us, somewhere really outside in the woods.

When arriving we met Maija, the coordinator of Metsäkartano, Laura and Letizia, our new partners in crime when it comes to exchange, work and free time.

First of all Laura and Letizia showed us around and explained what to do at Metsäkartano and how their lives look like over here.

We looked for the different accommodations, the surrounding and activities that may be done while being taught that

  • Fact 1: Metsäkartano is also called “Metsis”.
  • Fact 2: Metsäkartano has at least 13 saunas to offer. 😉 
  • Fact 3: Metsäkartano is the only youth centre (ouf of nine in Finland) that has been constructed as a youth house. All the others functioned as something different before.

For us Metsäkartano felt overwhelming because it has many more activities and handcraft work to offer, which we definitely would like to try out. It is not only about winter activities like sledging, skiing, etc. but also about pottery making, doing batic and handcrafting with stones and bones. 

The youth centre has a very special style. The dark wood of the houses make them even look more beautiful surrounded by the white snow. It is a very special atmosphere being created. You could have the impression watching a movie. The atmosphere differs totally from Hyvärilä.

After the tour we had time to exchange while having lunch. We have talked about supporting each other when it comes to events or other occasions. The cooperation between the two youth centres is an important part of our volunteering project. 

It is very reassuring to know there are other people just next to us, who are living the same (volunteering) life as we do. And there is a place where we can go to change scenery.

Thanks for having us!

Unfortunately, Letizia finished her volunteering project one week after our come together. All the best for you and take care!  

If you are interested in reading the blog of Laura and Letitia please be invited here.


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Hello! We are volunteers at Hyvärilä Youth Centre, Nurmes, Finland sharing experiences and projects.

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