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A short experience post on our 2.5 trips to Kuopio.

Why 2.5 trips you might ask. Well, it’s because our first trip to Kuopio was at the end of March when the pandemics reached its peak in Europe leading to lockdowns of shops, restaurants, etc.

At the end of July the whole situation in Finland looked different. People everywhere, open shops, restaurants and a crowded marketplace. But still people paying attention leaving enough space between each another. The same in September.

About Kuopio

Kuopio is a city in the region Northern Savonia, bordering on Northern Karelia. It was founded in 1775 and is the most populous city in Eastern Finland with around 119,000 inhabitants in the core of the city and about 600,000 people living in the surrounding area nowadays. Furthermore to mention, Kuopio is the ninth largest city in Finland when it comes to population.

Kuopio is located South-West of Nurmes. The distance is about 130 km, which means pretty the same as to Joensuu to the South.
There is no train service from Nurmes to Kuopio, but a bus line (which is planned to be abolished). Without an own car there is still the possibility to ask for a ride in various Facebook groups to private people who commute.


* Museum: VB Photografic Centre
* Harbour: Having a walk, relax or having a cup of coffee at the cafes.
* Market Square and City Hall
* Kuopio Church

To be found at the market place.


* Various market stalls in the centre (market square)
* Hurma Kuopio (directly at the market square, a bit hidden in the back of the City Hall)


* Puijo Tower

More ideas

The Culture Trip
Discovering Finland – Kuopio (Inspiration, Events)

Kuopio is worth a trip. It offers a good infrastructure and many opportunities to go out.


Published by olgaschesler

ESC Volunteer in Finland since February 2020 for 9 months.

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