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5 reasons why you should consider doing an international experience with the European Solidarity Corps: 

  1. Discover a new culture provide you with new knowledge.  Once you explore a new vision you became more open-minded, you learn how to be more tolerant. Furthermore, your mind and heart will be enriched with new perspectives.
  2. Build yourself as a person. During this process, you can discover your strengths and your weakness. You will learn new skills and experiment adventures that will help you to know better yourself. 
  3. Travel. Join an international experience can be the first step for a life traveling and discovering abroad. On this adventurous trip, you will create countless friends. Besides, you will have days off that can be used to explore around. 
  4. Learn languages. How important is it nowadays to speak other languages? Not just in a professional view further in our relations with other people. The language’s knowledge opens infinite ways to communicate with new people. Moreover, dialogue is the key to avoiding misunderstandings and conflicts in general.  Learning a new language means breaking the language barrier. 
  5. It is totally free. This sounds crazy but it is true. The European Solidarity Corps is funded by the European Union and the idea is to encourage young people to go abroad and make something good for the local community. They will cover your accommodation, food, travel costs, medical insurance, and you will receive 5 euros per day as pocket money for other personal expenses. 

I truly recommend trying this kind of experience, if you need more information I am totally available for informing you, don’t hesitate to ask!

Explore. Always explore.

Published by volunteersofhyvarila

Hello! We are volunteers at Hyvärilä Youth Centre, Nurmes, Finland sharing experiences and projects.

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