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Yasir Hacar and his experience volunteering in Hyvärilä

Visiting Koli National Park with a camp school group

Hi, I am Yasir. Hyvärilä is full of surprises; even when I think I got the essential points, understand the projects, I realized many basic things I should learn and be careful to things around me. We started volunteering experience with the camp schools and every day there were new activities with new people. The instructors and teachers had their own styles for the groups. Their techniques and children’s reactions provide me to understand better the Finnish culture and children. So that improved my approach to children and Finnish society.

The first time, I went to the landing activity with the group, I thought somebody would get injured because that activity looks quite dangerous. Imagine 20 children around you and eager to landing from a high point just with rope. So I started to prepare myself if I needed to reach the first aid kit or call the ambulance quickly. Then they started landing from the point easily, and I was shocked and watching them telling myself, ‘Howw!’ I think the instructors were perfect, and the children were following the rules carefully.

I have to mention the food because the restaurant was excellent. They have vegetarian and vegan food, and the chefs are talented with good hand-taste. Also, it doesn’t matter how many customers will visit the restaurant; they always have high standards.

         Nurmes is a pretty small city for me, when I compare my hometown, I can call Nurmes is a neighborhood in my town. So I was a little bit anxious about socializing in Nurmes and working correctly in the Hyvärilä. I have not felt excluded or alone, especially the Hyvärilä staff were talkative and helpful. Also, the people living in the Nurmes were open and friendly to me. I am grateful to them.

We had an excellent on arrival trainee in Kokkala when we started volunteering experience. We met with the other volunteers who came from all over Europe, and we developed good friendships. After a while then trainee, they decided to come and visit us in Hyvärilä. As Hyvärilä volunteers, we have a big house for hosting them easily, a beautiful lake for the swim all the time, perfect nature to explore, and many different activities for having fun with your friends.  In this way we hung around, celebrating the Midsummer day together, and having fun but in a way, we were sorry in the end because they were leaving from Hyvärilä.

         Life is not stable for anyone, we are humans, and sometimes all troubles come together, and we feel depressed and nonproductive. The working life is also pretty much the same. So in that times, we should get support from people who love us and who are around us. I do not know how but my supervisor (Queen Katya) understand and help me with managing problems whenever I had some issues while I am working. She was also giving really interesting information about the Finnish culture, telling us really good stories(she should be a storyteller), discussing interesting topics.

         I have many stories to tell you, but I do not want to bother you with my long sentences and different stories. Long story short, this summer was incredible, I feel I improved myself perfectly with all the aspects, and I also strongly recommend who has a chance to spend their time in Hyvärilä, do not miss that (especially as a volunteer).

Yasir and Reeta after a long day canoeing in a river close to Lieksa.

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Hello! We are volunteers at Hyvärilä Youth Centre, Nurmes, Finland sharing experiences and projects.

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