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To the Conquest of the North.

With the help of Anu, who works in Hyvärilä, I was able to realize a dream. To go more North to see some reindeers. We (@volunteers_eastfinland ) spent four days in the Kuusamo area visiting these areas, Ruka, Oulanka, Hossa,.. It was a busy stay with many discoveries. The first day, after 3 hours onContinue reading “To the Conquest of the North.”

To leave is to discover oneself

It’s been four months since I left home 3.000 kilometres away. I’ve been alone for four months now, without my usual familiar surrounding. I’ve been discovering myself for four months. Because yes, going to volunteer is on the one hand a cultural encounter with your host country but also a personal one. You find yourselfContinue reading “To leave is to discover oneself”