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History A brief introduction to Hyvärilä’s historical facts. The beginnings go back to 1920, when the municipal retirement home at the place called Hyvärilä nowadays opened.There was not only a retirement home but also a farm including a cowhouse, pigsty and stable and a location helping asylum seekers. Nearly 60 years later, Hyvärilä started operatingContinue reading “Hyvärilä”

COVID-19 and European Community

2020 is not simply a year like the ones in the 21st century before. It will remain in our minds as the year that changed our lives to a small or even huge extent. All the ones who expected a lot from the new year, made plans, changed their lifestyle, were disappointed regarding previous expectations.Continue reading “COVID-19 and European Community”

First Camp 2020 at Hyvärilä

In the last week of July, we finally had the opportunity to experience a camp at Hyvärilä. From Tuesday morning until Saturday noon, we spent every day with the group. The camp for heartdisease children and their families gave us a good insight of youth work at a Finnish youth centre. Around 40 people inContinue reading “First Camp 2020 at Hyvärilä”

Exchange is Key during Volunteering

. “Even if you know what’s coming, you’re never prepared for how it feels.” Natalie Standiford, How to Say Goodbye in Robot Being almost 3 months in Finland, a quarter of time passed. Time passed very quickly. Too quickly. A lot happened. Many changes took place.  Many people struggle nowadays. Those are tough times becauseContinue reading “Exchange is Key during Volunteering”

On-Arrival Training

*Picture above was taken by Sarianne Lokasaari . What is this so called ‘on-arrival training’? The training is an obligatory part of the European Solidarity Corps which is organised by the National Agency in the host country.During the one week training volunteers may connect, share their experiences and learn from each other. The training supportsContinue reading “On-Arrival Training”