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To the Conquest of the North.

With the help of Anu, who works in Hyvärilä, I was able to realize a dream. To go more North to see some reindeers. We (@volunteers_eastfinland ) spent four days in the Kuusamo area visiting these areas, Ruka, Oulanka, Hossa,.. It was a busy stay with many discoveries. The first day, after 3 hours onContinue reading “To the Conquest of the North.”

Hyvärilä-Metsäkartano Volunteers Cooperation

by Olga Schesler and Elisa Lambot Having a meeting of volunteers living comparable close to each other was way overdue. Because of many meetings and the need of a driver it took way longer to agree on a date to meet in March. But we have managed after all. On Friday, 13th March at 10Continue reading “Hyvärilä-Metsäkartano Volunteers Cooperation”

“Mina tykkään nyt” exhibition experience

by Angela Dimișcă Everyday is a good day to learn about our emotions. I understood this once again, on Saturday, when I experienced one of my memorable moments here in Nurmes, the exhibition Mina tykkään nyt. There are five different rooms, each one representing an emotion and objects from our daily life have been groupedContinue reading ““Mina tykkään nyt” exhibition experience”

Learning Finnish language

Can you remember the first Finnish word you heard when you arrived here? Or perhaps you didn’t pay much attention, thinking that Finnish is foreign and difficult whilst trusting the locals would surely speak English. I’m not certain about the first word I heard, it was either tervetuloa or huomenta. The first means welcome andContinue reading “Learning Finnish language”

Vanha Kauppala event

Saturday, 31 august, we participated to the event ”Vanha Kauppala” that took place in Nurmes. From 10 ’till 15 we had the chance to visit some public places and people’s houses. It was a premiere event and we had the chance to interact with the locals in a different way.