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Paulina from Poland arrived!

Cześć! I am Paulina and I have just started the European Solidarity Corps program – I will spend 6 months learning and helping in the Hyvärilä Youth Center in Nurmes! I was born in a beautiful town, Krasnystaw, in the east of Poland. This year I graduated acting from the National Academy of Theatre ArtsContinue reading “Paulina from Poland arrived!”

Laura Glez’s experience in Hyvärilä with ESC

One year ago at this time, I was preparing my suitcases to start my volunteer experience. I remember being with my mom looking for snow pants asking ourselves how I would survive in Finland or how it would be living in there,  so many questions and curiosities came to my mind. Now, after one yearContinue reading “Laura Glez’s experience in Hyvärilä with ESC”

Facing and overcoming challenges

During our life, we will always find some situations or tasks that may seem challenging -it’s part of this process that we call LIFE-. For some people, small things can be a big world and vice versa.  So, at this point, what should we do when we face an important decision? Trust ourselves, knowing thatContinue reading “Facing and overcoming challenges”

Siiri Lonkila’s experience volunteering in Cyprus with ESC

Education Volunteering UnityiOS Politistiko Ergastiri AgionOmoloyiton Nicosia, Cyprus 2.9.2021-29.1.2022 I arrived in Cyprus at the beginning of September 2021. I felt excited but relaxed at the same time, mostly because I changed my flight at Munich airport and I met there my new friends, Patrick and Daniel, who were going to volunteer in the sameContinue reading “Siiri Lonkila’s experience volunteering in Cyprus with ESC”

12 Q&As with Zofia Alka

What did you do as a volunteer? I was participating in the “Discover Yourself” project for 2 months (20.07.2021-20.09.2021). My duties as a volunteer included working on a sound project, providing help to the staff of a youth centre Hyvarila, participating in an international erasmus+ project – Back to the roots, getting involved in localContinue reading “12 Q&As with Zofia Alka”

Lies’ experience in Hyvärilä

Hi everyone, my name is Lies and I have been a volunteer at Hyvärilä youth centre. I’d like to tell you more about this experience and what led me to go all the way from Bruges in Belgium to Nurmes in Finland. It all started a year ago, when I finally decided to concretize meContinue reading “Lies’ experience in Hyvärilä”

Yasir Hacar and his experience volunteering in Hyvärilä

Hi, I am Yasir. Hyvärilä is full of surprises; even when I think I got the essential points, understand the projects, I realized many basic things I should learn and be careful to things around me. We started volunteering experience with the camp schools and every day there were new activities with new people. TheContinue reading “Yasir Hacar and his experience volunteering in Hyvärilä”

5 reasons why you should consider doing an international experience with the European Solidarity Corps: 

Discover a new culture provide you with new knowledge.  Once you explore a new vision you became more open-minded, you learn how to be more tolerant. Furthermore, your mind and heart will be enriched with new perspectives. Build yourself as a person. During this process, you can discover your strengths and your weakness. You willContinue reading “5 reasons why you should consider doing an international experience with the European Solidarity Corps: “

What was happening in our lives as volunteers in the past months?

The first thing that I would love to say is that it was an exciting period with plenty of new activities and surrounded by amazing and friendly people.  March and June is the camp school season in Hyvärilä so our principal task was to help the instructors during activities. We also visited the Youth HouseContinue reading “What was happening in our lives as volunteers in the past months?”