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What Makes This Special

Post by Margarida Martins It’s been said that it takes almost 2 years to assimilate into a new culture and to have less feelings of loneliness. Well, I believe that this is only a matter of time (which depends on each person) until we realize the big differences between our native country and the countryContinue reading “What Makes This Special”

Learning Finnish language

Can you remember the first Finnish word you heard when you arrived here? Or perhaps you didn’t pay much attention, thinking that Finnish is foreign and difficult whilst trusting the locals would surely speak English. I’m not certain about the first word I heard, it was either tervetuloa or huomenta. The first means welcome andContinue reading “Learning Finnish language”

Have I ever imagined to become an ESC volunteer? No way!

Post by Margarida Martins Always in my life I have been told that if I go to live abroad then I will be missing a lot of things like “you will never find the same food” or “you won’t see your friends anymore”. Many say “it’s very difficult to live in a country where communicationContinue reading “Have I ever imagined to become an ESC volunteer? No way!”