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About the Blog

What is going on here?

Goal of the Blog

This is a blog about volunteering life at Hyvärilä Youth and Holiday Centre, Nurmes. It was created by the long-term volunteers from 2019 (Angela and Margarida) and hopefully, it will continue long time.
The stories are different, because each person lives his own experience. The mission of the blog is to create a database of stories and images, that can offer you a broader picture about how it is to be a volunteer over here. You might be interested in volunteering yourself, you might be interested about the facilities or you just might be interested in honest travel journeys. You are welcome to join!

Volunteering time can be one of the best experiences or just a time spent somewhere else. We would like to share our experiences, that you can get an individual view about the place. Then, you can choose if it fits to your preferences or not.

Volunteering at Hyvärilä offers many opportunities. If you are thinking about coming here as well, our blog might help you to make the right decision.
We show you what you may do at Hyvärilä or Nurmes and how you can become a better YOU by having time to learn about yourself.

New Blog Structure in 2020

In February #teamvolunteers2020 (Elisa and Olga) took over the blog and started sharing their volunteering experience and well as developing the blog. The blog experienced an upgrade to not only share volunteering life but travel tips and exchange opportunities as well.

Let’s create stories together.

General Information on Finnish Youth Centre

In case that you missed this information, Hyvärilä is one of the 9 Youth Centers in Finland which are supervised and subsidised by the Ministry of Education and Culture.

One of their activities and goals is to promote internationality to the local community. Here you can find more information about international opportunities at Hyvärilä.

About Us

As European Solidarity Corps (ESC) volunteers, we are helping out with youth activities, social media promotion at Hyvärilä Youth and Holiday Centre, Nurmes, Finland and having an exciting journey experiencing Finnish lifestyle.

More About Us


We are sharing our views and experiences on volunteering and living in Finland, including travel advices.

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